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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is based on the scientific understanding that the nervous system is a complex miracle of intelligence and organization that is responsible for your body’s ability to function normally, to adapt to environmental stressors, and to express a natural state of health and well being.

Chiropractic doctors concentrate on maintaining the integrity of the nervous system and assuring that the body’s self-regulating, self-maintaining, and self-healing abilities remain intact.

Who should go to a chiropractor?

Everyone is subject to the daily stresses and traumas of modern life. And, we are all subject to minute misalignments of our spine (vertebra) and resulting damage to our nerve system. Such damage often leads to disruption of the natural communication and control between brain and body.

What people seldom realize is that there may not be any outward symptoms of this type nerve interference. Just like the early stages of tooth decay, pain may not be present until extensive deterioration, degeneration, and other complications have occurred.

Because there can be a lack of symptomatology, everyone – from babies to the very elderly – should have their spines checked on a regular basis for the presence of vertebral misalignment and nerve interference (Vertebral Subluxation).

How can I tell if I am subluxated?

Unfortunately, you probably can’t. Vertebral subluxations may not always exhibit outward symptoms. Often, they only affect the “control” portion of the nervous system not the “pain sensing” portion.

While a subluxated vertebra may disrupt normal function in parts of the body that are distant to the spine, it may not necessarily produce pain or any obvious symptoms that would be associated with the spine. Therefore, just like the person who had no heart problems until he suffered a fatal heart attack, there is no real way for the patient to know if – and when – an adjustment is needed.

Dr. Meyer is trained to use specific tests and procedures designed to assess both spinal and nerve system function. Because the presence or absence of pain or symptoms is not reliable, and because there are often no noticeable outward signs of a Vertebral Subluxation, these tests and procedures are of great importance. Such tests include computerized spinal analysis and spinal x-rays.

Luckily, while the patient can seldom tell if he or she is subluxated,  routine check-ups a chiropractor can. This is why your doctor will recommend routine check-ups to make sure the spine is properly adjusted and the nervous system functioning normally.

What if my Vertebral Subluxation isn’t corrected?

Besides the devastating loss of neurological control over normal bodily functions, and the inability to properly adapt to your internal and external environment, left uncorrected the added stress will eventually cause the spine to decay and to age prematurely.

“Spinal decay,” a form of degenerative arthritis, is the breakdown of the supporting tissues and the structural integrity of the spine. This includes damage to the spinal bones, calcification of the ligaments, even degeneration of the intervertebral discs. It is caused by prolonged abnormal stresses to the structures of the spine and the body’s attempt to deal with these problems.

How long does it take to get checked and to be adjusted?

Once the doctor has analyzed your spine on the first visit, and knows when, where, and how to proceed, the actual adjustment takes only a few seconds to perform. Just like turning on a light, once the corrective thrust is given, and the spinal misalignment is reduced there is nothing further to be done than to let the body heal and the correction to stabilize.

Typically, analyzing your spine and making any needed correction should not take any longer than 3 to 5 minutes. Therefore, you don’t need to take much time from your busy daily schedule to enjoy the benefits of staying “well-adjusted” and healthy.

How long will it take for me to regain my health?

As with all healing, the time it takes to experience the results you desire is different in every patient. Factors such as the severity of your spinal misalignment, the amount of spinal decay that has occurred, your age, your body build, and your lifestyle, and the effort you make to get well, all factor into the amount of care you will need and the length of time it will take for correction and healing to occur.

In short… every patient is different and healing is a “process” which will require some amount of time. However, following your initial spinal analysis we will often be able to give an estimate of the amount of care that will be required to achieve your desired level of correction and health.

What is the sound I hear when I get adjusted?

Often, when an “adjustment” is made, there is a slight separation of the spinal bones as they glide back toward their normal position. This is due to the shape of the ends of the vertebra and the fluid that makes up much of the spinal joint. The ends of the vertebra are concave, much like the bottom of a water glass. When the vertebra is adjusted, the vacuum between the bones is released and results in a subtle “audible” as the vertebra repositions.

This sound is not harmful, and is not indicative of anything other than the release of the gases of the joint. In fact, in many adjustments this sound may not even be noticeable

Can chiropractic care be habit forming?

Absolutely not! In fact, a chiropractic adjustment works in harmony with the muscles and supporting structures of the spine – not against them. Chiropractic care strengthens the spine, and restores stability, flexibility, and confidence!

Most of our patients, however, do understand that Vertebral Subluxations are the result of mental and physical stresses that are a part of everyday life. Wisely, they choose to have their spines and nerve systems routinely checked just like their teeth, eyes, and health in general.

The only thing about chiropractic that is habit forming is the experience of being healthy and feeling good!

Is chiropractic care very expensive?

The initial cost for care will depend on your individual health situation and how much care you will need.

However, visiting our office is no more (and is often less) expensive than for similar procedures with other health professionals. Periodic health and wellness care is not only extremely affordable, but in the long run, can save you in other health care expenditures.

Our office can to help you utilize any insurance benefits that you may have, and we will work with you to make financial arrangements that will help you receive the care you need, and to achieve the health you want.

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